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About Umer Enterprises

UMER Enterprises was formed in 1995 with the aim to be a leading provider of commercial data communications solutions by offering a combination of innovative, state-of-the-art products as well as full range of network integration services and providing, planning, designing, integration and support services for the Implementation of interpretable, multi-vendor enterprise networks.


Umer Enterprises has business partnerships with major data communication companies of the world and has complete range of solutions backed by un-compromised technical support and expertise for all type of environments. Whether you are setting up a small workgroup network or an enterprise VPN, Umer Enterprises has the right solution with complete flexibility, expandability, and management designed specially for your environment.


The prime objective of Umer Enterprises is to offer value added IT services. With commitment to provide quality solutions based on latest technologies and state of the art products. We emphasize on long-term business relationship based on customer satisfaction and innovative solutions. Umer Enterprises has office in Karachi and dealers all over in Pakistan. Our offices are staffed with qualified and trained professionals in their respective fields.